Alternate site to read Sensei! manga

Found this good site to review the manga while waiting for the live-action film.


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Sensei! Live Action Film OHP, Twitter

Guys, please check out the official website and follow them on twitter.  Are you excited as I do?  I hope Kumapan-chan sees this. ❤

Official Twitter:


The stills are in slideshow. Yay WP new feature!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This makes me want to read the whole manga again! ><


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Sensei! Live Action Movie Full Trailer

OMG!  Okay, I can’t contain my excitement since I saw this just minutes ago from my Facebook feeds, I decided to post it here of course.

I am happy with the casting.

Ikuta Toma is not my favorite actor but I like him in some of the dramas I watched before.  And after watching the trailer, he seems perfect as Itou.  Hirose Suzu is quite popular with live-actions and I liked her in Chihayafuru, too.   I want a more flashy Kousuke tho, but Ryusei Ryo might give justice to the character so I’m giving him a chance. Haha.  The others look okay so far (like I am one to judge! Gomen!)

Also, one of my favorite bands The Spitz does the theme song.  Just how good is that?!

Expect me to post some stills from the website later because I still can’t get enough of it.

See ya!! ><


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Older volumes

I don’t know if I’d get into trouble for posting these older volume scans that other scanlators worked on.  But if you hear anything that they’re upset about this, please inform me and I will take these down.  In the meantime, those looking for downloads of the older volumes, since was down for reasons I do not know, this is for you:

Volume 1-5:

Volume 6-8:

Volume 9-20 are in the RELEASES page.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


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Download Site for Older Releases

I found a good site to download chapters of Sensei! (and other manga).  There are missing chapters but I’m helping them fill those.


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Chocolate Wars (Vol.4 side story)

Here’s the missing side story from Vol.4 as requested.  I sure took my time cleaning and typesetting. Gomen. haha

This story is so out of season but it’s kinda cute.  Kumaxpan-chan’s and my fave couple in this is Koyuki x Ozawa. Koyuki is the girl who looks like Hibiki but the character is totally different.

Please read it. Have fun~ Also, a late Happy Thanksgiving greetings to everyone who’s celebrating it. ^___^

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Good news!  We have two, actually.

First, I’d just like to tell everyone that we’re doing the Sensei! side story that was left behind by another group.   The title is “Chocolate Wars” from Vol.4, but as Kumapan clarified, it was actually from Vol.5 according to Kawahara-sensei’s blurbs.   Translation is already completed but we won’t be releasing this September.  It has around 70pages (that’s like 2chapters O_O)  so good luck with the cleaning, me! XD
And oh yeah, thanks to zwetschgi-san for suggesting we do this one.

Second, I suggested to Kumapan that we do the extra story from the series Eden no Hana by Suetsugu Yuki (Chihayafuru) and she agreed!  Yay!  I’ve been in love with this series, and like Sensei!, I’ve read it almost 10 times or more already. LOL.  This series has been long completed by NOIR, but for some reason the extra story was left out.  Anyways, the story is about Tokio’s stepbrother, Masamune, and their childhood together.  It has also the real ending to Tokio-Midori love story.

So please look forward to these!  Ganbarimasu!!

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