Ch. 81

Midori says that it’s been 2 years since we’ve picked up this manga. That’s such a long time. O_O It feels like almost no time has passed. Maybe that’s because collaborating, translating this manga has turned into a natural part of my lifestyle. Here we are on the last volume of Sensei! (yay? or sadness? ha ha not sure which one). Kawahara’s characters are graduating, maturing, moving forward in their lives. I’m preparing to graduate from college, as well. We probably won’t finish the whole volume exactly by the time I get my diploma, but nonetheless, we’ll be close to finishing it. In that light, it’s kind of funny how this manga has intersected with my own life. I don’t mean that my life is as exciting as Hibiki’s romantically perilous life (xP); only that, the end of this manga project happens to intersect with the end of one phase of my life. Well, the manga hasn’t ended quite yet, so I’ll still enjoy translating and re-reading what’s left of volume 20. And what’s left of my final academic quarter.

By the way, Midori has found an amazingly drawn picture of Itou done by a user named “JohnYume.” Take a look when you have the chance. ;3 That’s all for now. Download away.

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Oh hey! Here’s the last chapter of Vol.19.  We’re entering the last volume on next release but I don’t want to grieve yet.

It’s in this chapter that I noticed that Nagisa is cute, like Chigusa said once.  He’s the kind of guy that you want to pet. HAHA I’m not being romantic. LOL  But this chapter is a little sad and frustrating for the couple.  I remember before Kumapan continued the scanlation years ago, I repeatedly read volumes 19 and 20 and repeatedly cried over it. ^^;;; That’s how much I love this series.

Well, please enjoy although the story doesn’t focus our beloved Sensei!

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Ch.79: Birthday Release

It’s already the 14th in this side of the globe, so Happy Valentine’s Day!


kuma bday

Since I missed greeting you last year (it was late when I learned that Valentine’s Day was your birthday), I promised myself to greet you this year!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your partner for this project.  If not for you, this series won’t be continued.  I know that even without me, you could still continue this but still, this newbie editor gathered her courage to approach you and to be of your assistance.  Like other manga addicts out there, I wanted Sensei! to be released faster. LOL   Though you’re so busy with uni, you still take time translating.  So, thank you, thank you so much for the hard hard work!

お誕生日お目出度う クマ×パン!

Sore dewa… Chapter 79 is ready!  Please get your copies over at the releases page.  Enjoy~~

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Ch.78, missing page 86

I apologize for missing this page.  Please add this to your files and/or update your online readers with this.  It was weird to have the chapter end with: “Let’s raise”.  Let’s raise.. what? A child? That’s too early, Hibiki!  AHAHAHA

(Click image for full view or just right-click > save to grab it.  Download links are now updated in the Releases page)

Sensei! v19 086

Thank you.

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A late HAPPY NEW YEAR’s greeting to all Sensei! fans!!!  How was your holidays?  I had a verrrrrrry hectic December and yeah, it’s still busy until now.

Gomen for yet another late release.  A lot has happened. *sigh*  As one of my fave yaoi characters in Yoneda Kou’s series said, “as long as you’re alive, shit happens.” LOL Yeah, a lot of shit happened and still happening. XD

But well… this is a happy chapter to start the year.  Finally, ne?  We’ve had enough of those Itou x Hibiki roller coaster rides.  Ugh.  Next chapter will be another arc.  Let’s look forward to that. ^^

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Ch. 77

Hi, everyone. This is kumapan. You can download ch. 77 on mediafire and on the drop box website. Enjoy. :) Sorry that this post is so short. I would’ve written more, but this week is exam week, so I’m incredibly busy. Just have to hold out until Thursday… and then… I can… sleep. Lol. Anyhow, next time when I have time, I’ll try to write something less boring.

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Ch. 76

For the past six or so posts, kumaxpan has been lurking lazily in the background while Midori has been arranging all of the posts on this blog, as you can tell. Well, “lazily” might not be the right word since I wasn’t exactly rolling around on the beach and sipping peach-flavored iced tea. Lol. I’ve decided to give Midori a break this time, however, and post the new chapter, since she has her own things to be taking care of. The download link is updated, download away. ;)

*sigh* I bought a baking pan and extra ingredients this weekend thinking that I’d make a quiche for breakfast for a change, but it looks like I won’t have the time for that any more. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow. Who knows? By the way, has anyone tried baking a quiche? Just making the crust alone looks to be troublesome – everything else should be relatively simple.         

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